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Chuck Goldman

Charles (Chuck) Goldman is a staff scientist for 30 years and former Division Director of the Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory. He is currently Principal Investigator working on electricity markets issues and supporting DOE’s technical assistance to state regulators on utility/regulatory business models, demand-side policy and programs as well as Smart Grid implementation issues. He is currently the technical team lead for Institutional Support in DOE’s Grid Modernization Initiative. Mr. Goldman has published ~175 articles and reports on utility resource planning and resource acquisition, design of performance incentives for utilities, energy efficiency policy, programs, and technology analysis, demand response programs, dynamic pricing, energy service company industry and market trends, competitive bidding for DSM resources, and design and evaluation of innovative DSM programs. 

From 1997-2000, Chuck served as one of eight members on the California Board for Energy Efficiency, an advisory board to the California PUC, which oversaw and provided advice on energy efficiency programs and policies, market transformation strategies, and administration for energy-efficiency programs with an annual budget of ~$275 million per year. He holds an M.S. degree from the University of California Berkeley, Energy and Resources Group.