Presenting your poster at the Innovation Expo

The BERC Innovation Expo will be held on Thursday, February 21st, 2019. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your ideas, research, thesis, or project to the entire community and win a cash reward. People from all trades of energy will be attending the poster session. From energy financiers to startup founders, from world-renowned scientists to community members curious about the energy sector, this poster session will expose you to people from all walks of the industry, and potentially even your next employer. BERC Summit registration is free for accepted poster presenters, and we’ll even print the posters for you! Submit an abstract by the early abstract deadline of January 11th and receive a Summit discount of 40% for a friend!


Target Audience: Members of the energy community, University of California Berkeley, and the public at large. Posters and presentations should both make an impression on the judges and be understandable to the majority of Expo attendees.

Project Parameters: A good project is at a point where outcomes or conclusions can be reported, and a question is being answered. Projects are welcome from all departments and universities, granted that the topic relates to energy in some fashion. If you have questions about the fit of a potential project, please email the address below.

(NEW) Effort to engage non-experts: This year we are aiming to structure the Innovation Expo in a way that encourages all participants (including non-experts) to learn and engage. We are also hoping that this offers researchers a new way of thinking about presenting their research to a broader audience then they might encounter in a standard academic conference. To accomplish this, we are adding two new features to the Expo:

  • “Back-to-Basics Corner”: This year each poster must have a “Back-to-Basics” Corner, wherein the participant will outline a fundamental aspect of their subfield, at a level which can be understood with an elementary science background. See the poster template download below for an example of how this could be done. In an effort to coordinate the back-to-basics topics within a subfield, the Expo organizers will allow participants to sign up for a back-to-basics topic on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Seeded Questions: As a part of the abstract submission we are also asking for three questions to be submitted which will be included in the event program. These seeded questions will correspond to the following background levels of understanding: (1) a high-school level understanding of the science involved, (2) a college sophomore-level of understanding of the science, and (3) the level of someone who has completed an undergraduate BS degree in the field of interest. If anything is unclear about this, please email the address given below.

Application Specifics: For participation in the Innovation Expo, a separate abstract and poster will need to be submitted. All abstracts and posters are subject to approval. This year we are asking for a significantly reduced abstract length of 3-5 sentences which still conveys the overall topic area, methods and conclusion. If a high-school science student was reading the abstract, would they have a good sense of what your research is trying to accomplish? Abstract submissions accepted here.

Poster Design Specifications: For BERC to print your poster it must be submitted in PDF format, size 36″ x 48″ (or 48” x 36”). We cannot print any other sizes or formats. We cannot provide any quality control for your poster regarding picture quality etc. If you bring your own poster, we can be more flexible with the poster size. Last year’s winning poster is provided as a template download below.

Judging: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place poster prizes will be determined by a panel of expert judges. There will be additional awards for the best “back to basics” explanation and an "Attendee Favorite" award for the research poster which gets the most audience votes at the Innovation Expo. Winners of the Expo will be announced at the BERC Summit conference on Friday, February 22nd, 2019. The winners will be splitting a total prize pot of $1,100!

Please email your questions to:

See here for last year’s 1st place poster (with a back-to-basics corner added): PDF copy, Power Point Template