Past Summit Topics Include:

2017 SUMMIT:

The Path Forward: Building Our Energy Future Together

  • Energy under the Trump Administration
  • Equity in the Clean Energy Economy
  • Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement
  • Automated Transportation
  • Energy Efficiency

Keynote Address: Jim Rogers

Fireside Chat: Danny Kennedy & Cathy Zoi

2016 Summit: 

Shaping the Next 10 Years

  • Natural Gas in Electricity: Bridge or Roadblock
  • Distributed Energy - Power to the People
  • Clean Transport: How Can we Spur Adoption of Clean Vehicles?
  • Paris Climate Accord: Policy Implications and Market Impacts”

Keynote: David Hochschild, CEC Commissioner

Fireside Chat: Nancy Pfund, DBL Partners and Susan Kennedy, Advanced Microgrid Solutions


2015 Summit:

Collaborative Innovation, Systemic Change

  • Commercializing Breakthrough Energy Technologies
  • Universal Energy Access in the Developing World
  • The Future of Fossil Fuels
  • Sustainable and Resilient Communities


2014 Summit:

California at the Energy Crossroads

  • Lessons from domestic and international renewables policies
  • Cleantech financing: where are all the VCs?
  • What is California’s ideal generation mix?
  • Behavior change: how do we inspire people to act?
  • California’s cap and trade program: What have we learned?


2013 Summit:

Tensions in Energy: Aligning Innovation, Investment, and Policy

  • David and Goliath?: Developing clean technology in firms big and small
  • Energy, Art, and Cultural Shifts
  • Energy Savings for the 99%: How to meet net-zero goals by scaling energy efficiency to middle-to low- income households
  • Carbon Capture and Sequestration: How long until policy and technology align?
  • Shale Gas and Renewables: Friends, enemies, or frienemies?
  • Energy Subsidies: If, when, and how to remove the training wheels
  • Sites of Conflict: Lessons