Summit Primer 

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The BERC Energy Summit kicks off on Thursday evening, February 21st, 2019 with its first ever Summit Primer event. The target audience is anyone who believes they need a quick tutorial or review on subjects that will be covered in more depth at various events of the following day. This may include undergraduate students, early PhD students, or professional specialists in one field who need to review another. The topics and presenter schedule are as follows:

  • How do we move power? - An overview of the electricity grid and how it operates

    • Sascha von Meier, Adjunct Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley

  • What are distributed energy resources (DERs)? - An overview of electricity generation and storage technologies

    • Scott Moura, Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering,  UC Berkeley

  • How do we pay for power? - An overview of how electricity has traditionally been financed

    • Steve Weissman, Emeritus Lecturer, The Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

An emphasis will be placed on understanding these topics as they pertain to the panels and discussions at Friday’s Summit. All of these events will be in the Gold Room of Pauley Ballroom and end in time for you to attend both the Career Fair and Innovation Expo (link to the Agenda).